Arena Facts

Pepsi Center ExteriorAbout Pepsi Center

Events on the property of Pepsi Center

  • Home to the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche and the Colorado Mammoth.
  • Over 200 events are scheduled each year.
  • Sporting events, concerts, ice and family shows.
  • 1000 staff members to run an event.
  • Opened October 1, 1999 with Celine Dion in concert.

Cost to build Pepsi Center

  • Over $180 million - which were private funds.
  • Approximately 21 months to build.


  • 5 level arena.
  • Seating: Basketball - 19,155; Hockey - 18,007; Arena Football - 17,417; Lacrosse - 18,007; Concerts - 20,000+ depending on stage configuration; Special events - 21,000.


  • 45 Acres.
  • Building is 675,000 square feet.

Sculpture in the Grand Atrium

  • The sculpture weighs 2,000 pounds.
  • Cost $75,000.00 - 1.5 times life size.



Seating at Pepsi Center

Main Concourse Level

  • Approximate number of seats: Nuggets - 8,650; Avalanche - 7,400

Upper Concourse Level

  • Approximate number of Nuggets and Avalanche seats: 7,650.


  • 95 luxury suites that can accommodate 12 to 16 people.

Disabled Seating

  • In strict compliance with the Federal Government ADA act.
  • 298 wheelchair accessible locations with companion seats.



Teams at Pepsi Center

Denver Nuggets

  • Cost of the basketball court is $105,000.00.
  • Each basketball stanchion weighs approximately 3,300 pounds and is anchored into the basketball floor to prevent it from being tipped over.
  • Each net on the basketball goals is replaced every 5 games or as needed.
  • There are 233 pieces to the basketball floor - each weighing approximately 185 pounds. The total weight of the entire basketball floor is 41,625 pounds.

Colorado Avalanche

  • There are 149 panes of .5" thick glass that surround the hockey rink, weighing between 50 and 250 pounds a piece. It takes 2 forklifts and 8 people 45 minutes to "hang" the entire rink.
  • Starting with the 07-08 NHL season, Pepsi Center will be one of only 6 buildings in the country that has the newest, state of the art dasher board system. The system allows for more consistent puck play, and features a "soft cap" that will cushion a player's impact into the boards. This new system also allows for easier installation and removal of the boards for other Pepsi Center events.
  • Each net hung on the ends of the rink has a lifespan of only 33 games.
  • For other events in the building, the ice is covered with approximately 600 pieces of a 1" thick fiberglass board.

Colorado Mammoth

  • The Mammoth carpet consists of 14 - 15' wide rolls of Astroturf and is .75" thick.
  • It takes 12 people only 25 minutes to lay the field.
  • On February 3, 2007, it took the Conversion crew a building record of 50 minutes to switch the arena floor over from an afternoon Avalanche game to an evening Mammoth game.




Breckenridge Brewering Mountain House
Restaurant facility seats 325 guests - 250 in the restaurant and 75 at the bar and is open to all guests.

Land Rover Denver Club
The comfortable space has seating for 125 and can accommodate over 300 in a lounge-like environment. Guests can enjoy a Colorado craft beer or specialty drink coupled with a chef-inspired dish without missing any of the action in the arena while watching on one of the 20 HD TVs positioned throughout the space.

Peak Pub House
Seats 236 patrons and is available to suite holders, KeyBank Club Level ticket holders, the first row of rinkside, all courtside seat holders and all patrons with 5 minutes remaining in the game.