For Your Business

Club Seats - For Your Business

  • Generating business from both prospective and existing clients by using Club Seats to finalize deals.
  • Creating reciprocity
  • Enhancing personal relationships with prospective and existing clients in an exciting and energetic environment.
  • Motivating their sales force leading to increased productivity
  • Improving work force morale by giving tickets to employees deserving of recognition

Tips on how to use your Club Seats for business purposes:

  • Capture marketing demographics by offering the chance to win tickets to a Colorado Avalanche or Denver Nuggets game
    1. Ask prospects to drop their business card in a bowl
    2. Have clients fill out a customer satisfaction survey
    3. Have clients/prospects sign-up/register on your website
  • Create incentives/rewards for your work force
    1. Top sales performer
    2. Superior customer service
    3. Employee of the month
  • Prospecting
    1. Invite a potential client to a big game or just offer them tickets to enjoy on their own.
    2. Provide access to high demand events such as playoff games, Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift, Billy Joel and more.
  • Close deals
    1. Providing prospective or existing clients with a unique environment to finalize that big contract!
  • Gain advantages over your Competitors
    1. Separate yourselves from the competition by providing your clients and new prospects with access to the excitement at Pepsi Center!